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Welcome to the Language Courses Abroad website and to the wonderful world of language travel!

This page aims to explain something about who we are and the services we offer. We hope you will agree that if you are considering studying a language abroad – whether it is for just one week or several months – we provide a range and standard of language courses that are unparalleled in quality and value.

Language Courses Abroad is a trading name of Apple Language Courses Ltd, since December 2012.

What we do

Working with over 250 carefully selected language schools worldwide, Language Courses Abroad provides full immersion language courses with an exceptional range of accommodation options for all language learners from 8 to 88 years old, from complete beginners to advanced.

The languages we offer are: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

We aim to enable our students to learn as much as possible in the time available to them, whilst at the same time ensure that they have a thoroughly enjoyable experience that they will want to repeat!

Our students come from all over the world, so there is a fantastic ‘international atmosphere’ at all our schools.

Whether you are coming for just one week or for several months, by the end of your course we want you to feel that you have learned far more than you had imagined possible, and that what you have learned is not just theory, but a practical ability to communicate in the language, to understand and to make yourself understood.

Learning a language in the country in which it is spoken is, of course, a far more effective and rapid process than studying a few hours a week in your own country. It is also an opportunity to mix with local inhabitants, come to a far deeper and intimate knowledge of the people whose language you are studying and gain an insight into their culture.

Why we do it

If you are reading this it should not be difficult to convince you that learning a language is an important and hugely rewarding experience.

We know that the best way to learn is when you are fully immersed in the language and culture of a different country, practising and living the language every day.

Here are ten reasons why we believe learning a language abroad is important:

  • It greatly increases your life skills
  • Makes travel more rewarding and unforgettable
  • Increases your global and cultural understanding
  • Helps you with passing important exams
  • Provides you with highly trained, native speakers
  • Improves your employment potential
  • Enables you to meet new, like-minded people
  • A great way to make lifelong friends
  • You can help others with your new skill
  • Increases your self confidence

Finally, one of the best reasons to study a language abroad is that you will undoubtedly have fun, gaining huge enjoyment and satisfaction from your experience.

We work hard to provide you with the very best language programmes in a wide range of popular and important locations at the best possible value.

Our History

Our original website, Spanish Study Holidays, was founded in 1991 by a small team of language teachers, as an advisory service for students who wished to study Spanish in Spain.

We only sent our students to carefully selected schools, those which had been visited by us and which met the very strict criteria we set: highly-qualified and experienced native tutors, small group sizes, well-equipped schools using modern teaching techniques, carefully selected host families and a good standard of self-catering accommodation.

The students we sent were so pleased with their courses that they asked if we could recommend similar schools in France, Germany and Italy. As a result, ‘Language Courses Abroad’ was established, dealing with language courses in these countries.

We now have schools in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, all of which meet the very demanding criteria outlined above and offer a wide range of courses and types of accommodation. If you are interested in studying a language course abroad we will provide you with expert advice, enabling you to choose a school and course which is suited to your particular needs and interests.

Our directors and expert team of experienced Language Travel Advisors visit our schools personally, so we’re well placed to offer you the best advice on which location, course and school to choose!


Our most popular language courses are for students travelling alone who want to improve their level of language for study or work reasons, taking part in one of our popular group language courses. The majority of these students also book single room accommodation. Students are welcome to bring a friend or family member (and many do) choosing shared room accommodation instead. However, to truly immerse yourself in the language and culture we recommend that you try and limit the use of your mother tongue as much as possible when on a language course abroad.

We also have an excellent range of language travel programmes for young students, club 50+ courses for older students and specialist language course and activity packages. Please see our ‘Specialist Courses’ below for further details.

We offer specific A- Level French/Spanish Revision Courses, as well as a wide range of special interest, business, one-to-one, teacher and exam preparation courses. The latter helping you pass specific Spanish (DELE), German (Goethe Institute and Telc, TestDaf & OSD) and French (DELF/DALF) language exams.

Each year language Courses Abroad also arranges many tailor made group courses for school groups, associations or any special group of language students and teachers that want to practise firsthand what they have been learning together, improving their general level and practical use of the language whilst being fully immersed in the foreign culture.

Our schools are very aware that every student is different and their reasons for studying are varied. Therefore, all levels are offered, from complete beginner to advanced learner. Some of our schools offer American College Credits. Others are authorised to receive CSN-Högskoleverket grant-funded Swedish students. Many have Bildungsurlaub recognition from German States, or else are members of prestigious quality-control organisations such as CEELE (Spain), SOUFFLE (France), ASILS (Italy), EAQUALS, IALC or ELITE.

Teaching Approach

Our schools employ only highly qualified native tutors with proper training and experience in the teaching of their language to foreigners. Group sizes are small and the teaching approach is student-centred. Modern ‘communicative’ teaching techniques are used, with students learning the language through using it, and not just ‘studying’ it passively.

Learning a language is a practical skill, which anyone is capable of, and which is best acquired by intensive practise and maximum exposure to the language. At the same time, the importance of grammar is not neglected, with frequent grammatical explanations being given in order to reinforce and deepen the students’ knowledge of and ability to use the language. Finally, of course, language learning must be fun and non-threatening if it is to be effective. People learn much better when they are enjoying themselves and so our teachers do all they can to ensure that the lessons are both serious and intensive but at the same time very enjoyable!

Accommodation options

It is very important to us that our students are happy in their accommodation, whether in host families, self-catering shared student apartments or in private studio apartments. Some of our schools also have student residences, while others offer ‘executive suites’ and ‘superior apartments’ for those students who require a higher standard of accommodation.

Host families are carefully vetted by our schools. In addition, all our students complete confidential student questionnaires, which we then use to ensure, as far as possible, that students of ours are placed only in families in which previous students have been happy. A ‘host family’ can be a married couple or a single person, with or without children. If a student is unhappy in a host family, they will be moved, without question.

Please note that accommodation is normally available from the Sunday before a course starts until the Saturday after it finishes. If you need to move into your accommodation a day or two earlier or leave a day later, this can often be arranged, though you will be charged for the extra days.

Travel to our schools and airport transfers

Though we do not arrange transport, our office staff will be pleased to advise you on how best to travel to our schools. In most cases, we are able to arrange for students to be met at the airport on arrival and taken to their accommodation. Charges for this service vary, depending on the school.

Our experienced Language Travel Advisors know our schools well and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our courses.

Please do contact us at any time:

telephone: 01509 221199

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