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Accommodation Guide

Most students who attend language courses at our schools also ask us to arrange accommodation, though students are naturally free to make their own accommodation arrangements, if they prefer.

The most common types of accommodation that we arrange are:

  • host families
  • shared student apartments
  • private studio apartments
  • student residences
  • sharing an apartment with a local person

Host Family

A ‘host family’ can be a married couple or a single person, with or without children. All host families are carefully selected by accommodation officers at our schools. If a student has a strong preference regarding the type of family that they wish to stay with (they may wish to be placed in a family with/without children, or be in a non-smoking environment), our school will do their very best to arrange this. Simply let us know at the time that you book your course.

You should also let us know if you have any allergies, special dietary requirements or medical conditions that you feel your host family or our school should be aware of.

Staying with a host family has the advantage of providing ‘total immersion’ in the language that you are studying, as the family will normally only speak to you in that language. This naturally helps you learn the language more quickly.

Shared student apartment

A ‘shared student apartment’ means sharing a self-catering apartment with other international students from our school. These apartments are not luxurious, but have fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms, providing basic, reasonably priced student accommodation.

Studio apartments

Private ‘studio apartments’ are self-contained ‘mini-apartments’, with private bathroom and private kitchen or kitchenette. These studios are comfortably furnished and are available as singles or twins. This type of accommodation is ideal for students who are looking for private self-catering accommodation.

Student residences

The ‘student residences’ are ideal for students who do not wish to share an apartment or stay with a host family. Student residences vary in their facilities, depending on the location. Some of our student residences have private swimming pools.

Several are located on the same site as the school. In some residences, rooms have private bathrooms and even kitchenettes. Sometimes meals are available in the residences and in other cases students eat out. Please contact us for precise details regarding the student residence in which you are interested, when making your booking.

Sharing an apartment with a local person

Sharing an apartment with a local person means precisely this. You use the apartment as your own, cooking for yourself, but you are sharing with a local person, rather than with other international students. This option is ideal for students who wish to cook for themselves, but do not want to share an apartment with other international students.

We also arrange accommodation in private apartments and hotels.

Some of our schools offer ‘executive suites’, ‘superior apartments’ or ‘executive host families’, for students who require a higher standard of accommodation.

When deciding what type of accommodation you require, we would strongly suggest that you should contact us to discuss the possible options. It is very important that you choose a type of accommodation that meets your needs, and we will help you do this.

Our experienced Language Travel Advisors know our schools well and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our courses.

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