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Italian course in Alghero, Sardinia

Choose an Italian course in Sardinia, and you know you’re getting something special! Our school in Sardinia is located in Alghero, a perfect little town on the Coral Coast. You can’t help but relax in Alghero – the whole area is one of outstanding natural beauty, the beaches are spotless and the water is warm and clear! Take your time to explore the town’s old cobbled streets and beautiful piazzas, and you’ll find some fantastic restaurants serving traditional Sardinian dishes.

The people of Alghero are known for demanding the best in life, and the local restaurateurs rarely disappoint! At sunset, you’ll find the streets full of people, as the locals love to see and been seen! Whilst you’re in Alghero, don’t forget to visit the Grotta di Nettuno, Alghero’s famous caves – you can take a boat, or if you’re feeling adventurous, take the 656 steps down to sea level!

Our school in Alghero

Our Italian language school in Alghero could not be better positioned. It is situated in the picturesque old town, close to the seaward city walls, which were built during the Middle Ages to defend the town from invasion. Shaded parks and excellent beaches are just minutes away – both fantastic places to relax following Italian lessons!

Your Italian course in Alghero

There are a range of Italian courses on offer at our Alghero school, available at every level, from beginner to advanced. The maximum class size for any of our school’s courses is just eight students, affording you lots of attention from expert teachers. You can even learn Italian in Sardinia with totally Private Lessons, during which teachers can focus on improving specific areas of your Italian. The Combined Course is a mixture of 20 group lessons and five one-to-one classes every week.

An Intensive Italian course in Sardinia with our school gives you 20 group lessons per week, which strikes a great balance between tuition and leisure time. If you’d like to keep your mornings and most of your afternoons free for exploration of the island, our school’s Evening Course is ideal! The curriculum concentrates on teaching you conversational Italian, enabling you to chat to locals around town in the second half of the session!

To learn more about the history and traditions of Alghero and Sardinia, study on the Italian and Culture course. In addition to 20 Italian language lessons, there are five culture lessons each week. Both cooking and wine play a central part in Italian culture. Learn the secrets of Italian cookery with culinary workshops with a professional chef, or develop a nose for good wines, courtesy of wine tasting sessions.

Accommodation in Alghero

Sardinians are renowned for their friendliness. Experience the locals’ hospitality by living with a host family whilst you learn Italian in Sardinia, getting lots of Italian language practice throughout your stay! Your new family will provide you with breakfast every morning, and extra meals with the family are available upon request.

You may prefer to live with your fellow Italian language students, in which case our school’s shared student apartments are perfect! You’ll have a great time getting to know people from all across the world! If you’d like a little more privacy though, independent apartments are available too. There are both single apartments and apartments big enough to cater for families.
Activities in Alghero

Our school organises a wide range of free time activities, making sure you won’t forget your time in beautiful Sardinia! If you enjoy water sports, you’ll love Alghero! You can enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, kitesurfing and even catamaran sailing. Or take things a little easier with some fishing, horse riding, yoga or a boat trip. There will be at least one free activity each afternoon, whether it’s a guided tour of Alghero, a lesson in Italian music or a film showing. As well as being great fun, our school’s activities program helps you to meet your fellow students and use the Italian vocabulary learnt in class!

How to get to Alghero, Sardinia

You can either fly to Alghero Airport, a 15-minute drive from the town, or take a ferry to one of several ports on the island. Porto Torres is the closest port to Alghero, with services running there from Genoa, Marseille and Corsica.

Star Points

  • First-class Italian course in a stunning location!
  • Alghero is perfect for water sports
  • Small class sizes of just six students
  • Italian cookery and wine tasting lessons available
  • Wide range of leisure time activities

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