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Arabic courses!

Learn Arabic and discover a whole new world! As a language spoken by over 280 million people worldwide, Arabic is one of the most important languages on the globe. It is used primarily throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and is one of only six official languages of the United Nations.

Our Arabic courses in Cairo, Dubai or Rabat will allow you to fully appreciate some amazing places and cultures. Once you understand Arabic, you can haggle in exotic bazaars, read epic Arabic literature and chat with locals in atmospheric coffee houses.

You can take an Arabic course with us whether you’re a complete beginner, or already have a good understanding of the language. All our teachers are highly qualified, enthusiastic and patient, so you’ll receive the best tuition possible!

Arabic courses in Egypt

Egypt is the largest Arabic-speaking country in the world, with a population of more than 80 million people. It is also home to an incredibly rich history, stretching back more than 5000 years.

Our Arabic language school in Egypt is located in the monumental capital, Cairo, where many of Egypt’s historical treasures are to be found. Foremost amongst the treasures, of course, are the spectacular Pyramids and their companion the Sphinx.

Arabic courses in Dubai

Like Cairo, Dubai is a metropolis teeming with life. Unlike Cairo though, Dubai’s most impressive buildings are ultra-modern skyscrapers, silhouetted against cloudless skies and the inviting, azure sea. Dubai offers an astonishing selection of shops, restaurants and bars, hidden amongst extravagant hotels.

Our Arabic language school in Dubai gives you the chance to learn Arabic in the Teacher’s Home, benefiting from personalised tuition and extraordinary hospitality.

Arabic courses in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is known in the Arabic world as “The Western Kingdom”, with Arabic being an official, and the main, language of this fascinating country.

Our Arabic school in Morocco is located in an upmarket neighbourhood within the nation’s capital, just 10 minutes from downtown Rabat, close to the main university. Here you will find towering city walls, markets established since the medieval times and a breath-taking Atlantic coastline.

Arabic language courses:

  • Combined (20 lessons/wk)
  • Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (8 lessons/wk)
  • Modern Standard Arabic (12 lessons/wk)
  • Arabic in the Teacher’s Home (10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 lessons/wk)
  • Arabic + Activities (10 lessons/wk)
  • Arabic + Skiing (10 lessons/wk)

Our Arabic language school in Egypt offers group-based courses, which teach ‘Aameya’ (the form of Arabic most widely spoken), ‘Fousha’ (Modern Standard Arabic), or a combination of both.

In Dubai, our school arranges Private Arabic Lessons in the home of your teacher, so you can experience the local way of life at first-hand! You can complement these Arabic lessons with cultural activities or even some skiing at an incredible indoor ski centre!

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our Arabic courses in Egypt, Dubai or Morocco.

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