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Learn Chinese in Beijing – Haidian

Did you know that Mandarin Chinese originated in Beijing? If you want to learn Chinese in a location where you’ll hear the most common forms of Chinese both in the classroom and outside, then Beijing is the ideal choice! Beijing, China’s capital city (sometimes called ‘Peking’) is also the place to go if you want to experience both the modern and ancient flavours of the country. Whether you want to experience the nightlife of modern China, or visit the Forbidden City or the Temple of Heaven, you can do it all in Beijing!

We have two Chinese schools in Beijing, each offering high quality courses. Our Beijing (Haidian) school is in the Haidian District, popular with students and intellectuals. Our Beijing (Chaoyang) school is in the central Chaoyang district, where the Olympic Park for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is located!

Our school in Beijing – Haidian

Our Beijing (Haidian) school is located in the Haidian District, close to the city’s universities and very popular with young people and intellectuals. Choose our Beijing Option 1 school, and learn Chinese in a comfortable modern building with excellent facilities. There are 7 well-equipped classrooms and a student lounge, plus free Internet access.

Your Chinese course in Beijing – Haidian

You can learn Chinese at our Beijing (Haidian) school for just one week, or a whole academic year! In addition to the popular Standard and Intensive courses, we also offer specialist courses such as Chinese and Work Experience. If you want to do a special Calligraphy course (writing Chinese characters) or Kong Fu whilst studying on another of our Chinese courses in Beijing, we can arrange this for you!

  • Standard Course (22 lessons/week)
  • Intensive Course (30 lessons/week)
  • One to One Course (20 lessons/week)
  • Special Interest Courses including Chinese and Work Experience, Calligraphy and Chinese Kong Fu

If you have any questions regarding our Chinese courses in Beijing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accommodation in Beijing (Haidian)

One of the quickest ways to improve your fluency and experience Chinese life during your Chinese course in Beijing is to stay with one of our carefully-selected host families. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to practise the Chinese you’ll have learnt in class, and try some delicious home cooked Chinese food at the same time! You’ll naturally have your own bedroom, but will share the bathroom and other facilities with the family. Our host families offer half board (two meals/day), giving you plenty of opportunities to practise Chinese over the dinner table!

If you prefer, you can stay in our comfortable student residence, or one of our student apartments. You’ll have a private bathroom in both these options. If you’re staying in our student residence and you’d like Internet access in your room, please do ask us – we can arrange this for you for an extra charge.

  • Host family with half board (2 meals/day)
  • Student residence
  • Student apartment

Cultural Activities

Our school arranges at least one cultural activity per week, to help you get the most from your stay whilst you learn Chinese in Beijing. Activities include Chinese cookery and excursions to locations such as the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace.

Chinese and Work Placement

If you want to experience speaking Chinese in a business environment, using the language for business purposes, then why not consider our Chinese and Work Placement course? We offer a short term course (4 weeks Standard Course + 4 weeks Internship) or a long term course (10 week Standard Course + 10 weeks Internship). Your tuition, single room accommodation, work placement and one way airport transfer are included in the cost of your course. Choose from placements in a variety of industries, from import-export to marketing! Please do contact us with any questions you may have.

Star Points

  • A wide range of high quality Chinese courses
  • Stay with a host family to maximise your progress
  • Self-catering accommodation with private bathroom
  • Practise your Chinese on a Chinese Work Placement
  • Range of activities and excursions

How to get there

Fly to Beijing Airport. We can arrange an airport transfer for you if required.

Location of our school

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