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Learn Spanish in Bocas del Toro, Panama!

The Archipelago of Bocas del Toro is made up of 7 main islands situated in the Caribbean Sea in the north west of Panama, close to the border with Costa Rica! The islands are surrounded by turquoise waters and offer students a Spanish language course in paradise, with golden and white sand beaches, a huge choice of water sports, colourful coral reefs with plenty of marine life, tropical rainforest, as well as a great entertainment and nightlife scene, in a stunning natural environment!

Aside from all the water sports available, you can also spend your free time after classes exploring the islands’ wildlife, beach hopping, zip-lining, trekking, cycling or horse riding! In the evening you have a huge selection of restaurants available in the enchanting town of Bocas del Toro and, provided that you are not too tired from all of the action, a lively and energetic Caribbean-style nightlife!

Our Spanish language courses in Bocas del Toro

Our Spanish language school is situated on the main island of Bocas del Toro – Colon Island – in Bocas town, which is the epicentre of activity in the archipelago. The school building is located in the heart of the town just 5 minutes from the beach and with many restaurants close by. In addition to 12 modern, comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms there is a reception area, a student lounge with TV, a teacher’s room and kitchen. The school also has a balcony area and tropical gardens and there is free Wifi internet access.

The school is an official DELE examination centre and is also accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, ensuring an exceptional high quality of teaching and methodology. There is a maximum of just 6 students in the group classes, with an average of just 3 or 4. There is a choice of accommodation and an extensive and exciting programme of activities and adventures!

The Intensive Spanish course, consisting of 4 hours of group lessons each day, is available for students of all language levels and offers a total immersion Spanish programme with great focus on personalised attention. This course is ideal for any student to improve all aspects of their Spanish language knowledge and practise all skills.

Private lessons can be added to any group course, or taken separately. This is a great option for students who are looking for a more intensive course option, or who wish to receive even more individual attention in order to focus on specific areas and skills. You can add 1 or 2 private lessons per day to your group course, or take 20 Private Lessons only each week.

Accommodation in Bocas del Toro

You have the option to stay with a Panamanian family during your Spanish course. This is the best way to practise your language skills and gain an invaluable cultural experience at the same time! The majority of the host families live within walking distance of the school and you can choose bed and breakfast or half-board. All host families are very well known by our colleagues at the school and you will be allocated the best option according to your preferences.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay more independently, then we are also able to arrange accommodation in a hostel, or in a self-catering, furnished private studio apartment. There is a huge choice of places to stay in Bocas del Toro and our colleagues will be happy to arrange the best option for you, according to your needs and requirements.

Cultural activities

There are both free extra activities on offer as part of the school’s cultural programme and other trips, excursions and sports available at an additional cost. The list of free time possibilities in Bocas del Toro is quite breathtaking, so be sure to plan your stay long enough to experience as much of the islands as possible! The free activities include things such as: conversational sessions in the school, evenings out with teachers and fellow students, traditional Latin dance classes and Film evenings. There are weekly Panamanian dinners which cost $5 per person and yoga classes are also available for a small additional fee.

There are otherwise eco-adventure tours, including hikes through the rainforests and rafting trips. You can experience a cloud forest, zip-line canopy tours, hot springs, rock climbing and excursions to a National Park. You can get to know many of the beautiful beaches through snorkelling, diving, surfing and sailing. There are boat tours, kayaking and excursions to visit Panama City! The options are seemingly limitless for extra ways to enjoy your stay and your Spanish course in this beautiful part of the world!

How to get there

You can fly into Panama City and then go across to Bocas del Toro either by air, to Isla Colon International Airport, or by bus and then boat! Alternatively, you can fly into Bocas del Toro from San Jose in Costa Rica. We can help and advise you with regards to the connections and the companies to use. An airport transfer is available from Bocas del Toro to take you to your accommodation, however this is not included in the cost of the programme.

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