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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires – Recoleta!

With its wide streets, beautiful parks and stylish shops, the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of South America”. Students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires find that the city offers plenty to do whether your stay is just for a few weeks or many months. Most students fall in love with Buenos Aires and argue that no stay is long enough!

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a centre for Latin American culture and the birthplace of tango. The city has been home to some of the most important figures in the history of the continent and has a wealth of magnificent museums and art galleries.

Our Buenos Aires (Recoleta) school has a student common room, plus an Internet café and is located in a prosperous area of Buenos Aires, with tree-lined streets, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Our Spanish language courses in Buenos Aires Recoleta

Our school in Buenos Aires offers a range of total immersion Spanish courses to meet all requirements. A group course is ideal if you would like to improve your overall level of Spanish with other students of a similar level to yourself. You can choose from the ‘Semi-Intensive’ course of 16 lessons per week, or the ‘Intensive’ course of 20 lessons per week. You can always add some private lessons to your group course if you feel any aspect of the language needs that little bit of extra attention.

Why not add some tango lessons to your course? You will have one private and two group tango lessons per week and you will be taught by a professional dance teacher. You will even have the opportunity to practice in some of Buenos Aires’ famous milongas (tango bars).

Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Our Spanish school in Buenos Aires offers a choice of host family or shared apartment accommodation, if required. Which to choose is really down to personal preference. Certainly, if you want to have as much opportunity to practice speaking Spanish as possible and to experience life as a porteño, then host family accommodation is a fantastic choice for you. This accommodation is offered on a half board basis.

However, if you prefer the higher level of independence that self-catering will afford you, then shared apartment accommodation would be the better choice for you. Please note that shared apartment accommodation is, by its very nature, comfortable but basic and is generally most popular amongst students in their twenties.

Cultural activities

During your time at our school in Buenos Aires, our colleagues will offer you the chance to take part in cultural activities. These are always completely optional, although this does mean that there will normally be a minimum number of participants required to run the activity. There may be an additional charge to cover costs, but our colleagues will let you know the exact activities they will be offering, as well as any additional costs, on arrival. Some examples of activities that may be offered include cooking lessons, guided tours of the cities, tango shows and screenings of Argentinian/Spanish language films.

How to get there

Buenos Aires has two international airports. From either of these you can take public transport to your accommodation or, for an additional charge, we can arrange an airport transfer.

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