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Greek school in Chania, Crete!

Charming Chania is Crete’s second largest city and a fantastic choice for your Greek language course. The laidback atmosphere belies Chania’s fascinating and somewhat tumultuous history. Having been ruled over by the Byzantine Empire, then the Arabs, followed by the Venetians and the Ottomans, Chania does offer a fascinating glimpse into various Mediterranean cultures throughout history.

A picturesque city, Chania is perhaps most famous for its Venetian harbour but there is much more to see and do here. There are museums, shops (Chania is well know for its leather goods), and many excellent restaurants which reflect the influence of all the cultures that have called this city their home.

Our Greek school in Chania is located in Nea Chora, just 100 metres from the beach. This is in the modern city, although it is the oldest part of it and is home to narrow windy streets and even a small fishing harbour. Because of this, there are some fantastic fish restaurants close by which are very popular with students! The town centre is just 10 minutes’ walk from the school, although there is also a regular bus service if you prefer not to walk. The school building has been recently refurbished and has two classrooms, as well as a computer lab and wireless Internet access throughout.

Our Greek language courses in Chania

Greek courses at our school in Chania are usually arranged for durations of 2-4 weeks. Students normally take 20 lessons per week, either in a group with other students of a similar level, or as private lessons. Each lesson at this school lasts 50 minutes. Please note that this is a small school and so, if you were the only student of your level, the school do reserve the right to offer a reduced number of private lessons.

Accommodation in Chania

Accommodation in Chania does tend to be located very close to the school, usually within 20-25 minutes’ walk. Choose between a self-catered studio apartment, or hotel accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis.

Please note that accommodation usually runs from the Sunday before the course starts until the Saturday after the course finishes. An extra night on arrival and/or departure is normally possible for an additional charge.

Cultural activities

Our school in Chania usually offers one cooking lesson and one dance lesson every fortnight. The school also regularly offers tours of Chania and meals out. Please note that all activities are completely optional and may incur an additional cost. There is also normally a minimum number of participants required in order to run each activity.

How to get there

Fly into Chania International Airport. From here, take public transport to your accommodation or, alternatively, we can arrange an airport transfer for you for an additional charge.

Location of our school

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