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Learn Spanish in Chile

Chile is a prosperous country, far more developed and stable than many in South America. If you want to learn Spanish in South America, but are a bit ‘nervous’ about what you may find, Chile is an excellent choice for your Spanish course.

In Chile there are magnificent snow-capped mountains, sun-baked deserts and mild temperate rain forests. However, there are also excellent road communications, modern sports facilities (including first class ski resorts) and a generally comfortable standard of living. If you choose to learn Spanish in Chile, you will be amazed by the natural beauty of the country, yet also pleasantly surprised by the good standard of services and amenities available.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile, the capital city of Chile, is ideally located in the centre of the country, half way between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific coast. Consequently, our school in Santiago is able to offer full-day or weekend excursions to beautiful beaches and resorts along the coast, as well as ‘Spanish and skiing’ courses, with skiing in the Andes. Santiago de Chile is a modern city, with excellent shopping and nightlife, plus first-rate sports facilities and a generally high standard of living, compared with most Latin American capitals.

By choosing to attend a spanish course at one of our spanish schools in Chile you will get the chance not only to learn spanish in Chile but also explore a country with one of the most varied landscapes in all of South America.

Our Spanish language school in Chile

Our school in Santiago de Chile is one of our best equipped schools. Unlike most Spanish schools in Chile, our school stands in its own grounds, occupying the whole of an attractive detached colonial-style building in as prosperous area of Santiago de Chile. The school has 15 well-equipped and spacious classrooms, air-conditioning, wireless Internet access throughout the building, a library and Internet café. There is also a large patio, very popular with students at break time and used as a meeting point after classes.

Spanish Courses in Chile

The maximum group size on Spanish courses at our school in Chile is just 6 students, which means that each student gets lots of personal attention, helping them to learn the language much more quickly and effectively.

  • Standard Course (20 lessons/week)
  • Super-Intensive Course (30 lessons/week)
  • One-to-One Course (20, 25 or 30 lessons/week)
  • including our Business Spanish Course, Spanish & Culture Course, Language & Activity Course or our Volunteer Work Course

Standard Spanish Course.
This course consists of 20 Spanish lessons/week with a maximum of 6 students per Spanish class.

Super-Intensive Spanish Course.
This course consists of 20 Spanish lessons/week with a maximum of 6 students per Spanish class, plus 10 private lessons/week. This course is ideal for students who want to learn as much Spanish as possible during their time in Chile

Business Spanish Course.
This course consists of 20 private Spanish lessons/week. The Business Spanish course is ideal for those who wish to learn the Spanish required in order to use the language for trade and commerce.

Spanish for Lawyers.
This course consists of 20 private Spanish lessons/week, The Spanish for Lawyers course is ideal for those who wish to learn the Spanish required in order to use the language for legal purposes.

Spanish and Work Placement.
This 12-week program includes a 4-week Super-Intensive Spanish course at our school in Chile, followed by a minimum 8 weeks of work experience. Students should indicate which areas they wish to work in before starting the course, as well as send information of their qualifications and previous employment.

Spanish and Skiing(June-September).
This course consists of 16 Spanish lessons/week (4 day/week), with 2 private lessons/week, as well as 2 days of skiing per week. Two ski-lift passes are provided per week (one on a week-day and one for the weekend), plus transportation to the ski resorts. read more

Why not experience both Chile and Argentina! You can divide a 4-week, 8-week, 12-week or 16-week Spanish course between our Spanish schools in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Accommodation in Chile

  • Host Family
  • Shared self-catering apartment (twin or single room)
  • Host family, half board (2 meals/day), twin or single room
  • Host Family Plus, half board (2 meals/day, private bathroom), twin or single rooms.

Cultural Activity Program

Our Spanish school in Chile provides an extensive cultural program, including optional excursions to the Pacific coast and to the Andes Mountains. There is also white-water rafting, mountain biking, horse-riding, Salsa lessons in the school, parties, a vineyard tour, plus snowboarding and skiing excursions. This cultural program helps you practice the Spanish that you learn at our school in Chile, as well as ensuring that you thoroughly enjoy your time in Santiago.

How to get to our school in Santiago de Chile

Most students attending courses at our Spanish school in Chile fly to Santiago de Chile Airport.

Star Points

  • Maximum of just 6 students/class
  • Well equipped school, with excellent facilities
  • High quality Spanish course in Chile
  • Extensive cultural program of sports and excursions
  • Possibility of dividing your course between Chile and Argentina
  • Exceptionally welcoming atmosphere in the school
  • Excellent base from which to explore Chile

Location of our school

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