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Learn Spanish in Cuba!

Learn Spanish in Cuba and experience the unique personality of this beautiful Caribbean nation! Home to stunning beaches and a variety of unspoilt landscapes, Cuba is also an incredibly historic country. Columbus first landed here in 1492 and Cuba soon became a major part of Spain’s colonial strongholds in the New World. This rich history can be felt walking through the streets of several of Cuba’s cities, including its capital, Havana.

The Cuban people are also an excellent reason to visit this wonderful country. Cubans are known for their warmth and hospitality, as well as their fun-loving ways, and fascinating culture. This reflects the European, African and indigenous peoples who have made Cuba their home over the centuries.

Our schools are located in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad. All three schools offer Spanish lessons in mini-groups of no more than three students, meaning that each student has plenty of contact with the teacher. Of course, private lessons are also available. In addition to your language course, all three of these schools also offer additional music or dance lessons.

There is no central school building at any of our locations in Cuba. Rather, your lessons will usually take place at the home of your teacher or a host family, or in a cultural centre. However, this does not mean that you will not receive the same professional student care as you would at any of our other schools. In fact, you will be given the contact details of a local coordinator, who can provide support throughout your course. This person will also meet with yourself and the other students very regularly to arrange activities.

Iconic Havana, as the capital city, is generally the most popular of our three Cuban locations amongst our students, but to dismiss Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba is to ignore two locations that are just as spectacular in their own right. Trinidad is the more sedate of the two and is an almost perfectly preserved Spanish colonial town, whereas Santiago de Cuba is one of Cuba’s key cultural centres.

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