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Taking an English course in England will not only allow you to surround yourself with the language and culture, and gain a deeper understanding of the English language, but will also increase your confidence in speaking English with native speakers on an everyday basis. Our experience has shown that students who learn English in England make greater progression thanks to this total immersion, and also really enjoy this learning experience! England, although a small country, is one whose regions and cities vary greatly, meaning that there will always be a location to suit you. From rolling hillsides, to vibrant, bustling cities, England has it all.

London is the historic capital city, and is therefore always a favourite amongst our students. With an abundance of historical monuments, tourist attractions, museums, theatres and art galleries, as well as some of the best shopping in the world, it is not hard to see why! However, if you are seeking an alternative to London, we also have schools to suit you!

If you do wish to take your course in a big, lively city, why not consider Bristol, Liverpool or Manchester? These three cities are very different to London, and all have their own, unique characteristics. Bristol, capital of the West Country, is a thriving harbour city, with a history of pirates and trade, and is now incredibly cosmopolitan and vibrant! Liverpool, also famous for its docks, is world-renowned as the hometown of the planet’s biggest ever boyband, The Beatles! Manchester, also a centre for British popular music, is known for its sporting legacy, and is the home of perhaps the most famous football club in the world, Manchester United!

Perhaps you wish to combine your period of study with a holiday by the seaside? Then you may like to consider taking a course in Brighton, one of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts, or Bournemouth, where the spectacular, award-winning beach stretches for seven miles!

Regardless of the location in which you choose to study English, you can be sure that you will be receiving the highest quality tuition, provided by native English speakers who have both a university degree, and a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. All courses are total immersion courses, and are therefore taught in English from the outset. You will be encouraged to speak English as much as possible during your time at the school, in order to help you make the maximum progression possible.

English courses in England

  • Semi-Intensive (10-15 lessons per week)
  • Intensive (20 lessons per week)
  • Super-Intensive (25+ lessons per week)
  • Intensive + Private lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Mini-group (reduced class size)
  • Evening courses
  • Exam Preparation
  • Club 50+
  • Work Experience
  • Business and Professional
  • Courses for Teachers
  • Language for Medicine
  • Language + Dance/Music
  • Language + Cookery/Wine
  • Language + Water Sports
  • Language + Football
  • Language + Culture
  • Family course


  • Host Family
  • Hotel
  • On-site Residence
  • Shared Apartments
  • Student House
  • Student Residence

Please contact us for any further information on our schools in England. We will be very pleased to discuss the available options with you!

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