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Thanks to its global influence, there is an incredible variety of locations in which you could choose to learn English! England is, perhaps, an obvious choice, and is certainly a wonderful place to take an English course, thanks to its rich history, culture and traditions. Another perennially popular location for English courses is the USA! The United States of America consists of fifty states and one federal district all with very different characteristics. Yet despite this, the USA has successfully exported its national culture around the world thanks to its prominence in media and marketing. This makes it a familiar location in many respects, although, as anyone who has been will tell you, a visit is a must!

Canada, as well as South Africa and Australia, are all stunning locations for an English course, particularly for those who wish to study in cosmopolitan cities surrounded by some of nature’s most spectacular landscapes!

Returning to Europe, you could choose to combine your English course with sunshine in Malta, or experience Celtic hospitality in the beautiful green country of Ireland.

English is used as the common language in; business and trade; politics and international relations; and science and medicine. It is estimated that around 375 million people speak English as a first language, with around 750 million non-native English-speakers around the world. The importance of English as a foreign language continues to grow, and our wide range of English courses reflects the variety of reasons for learning English, so we are sure to have a course suitable for you!

Our English courses are available to students of all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or already have an advanced understanding of the language. English lessons run throughout the year and a wide variety of course formats are on offer.

All of our schools’ teachers are highly qualified and experienced, so an English course in England with us means that you will receive the best tuition possible!

We specialise in offering language courses in the countries in which that language is spoken. You can choose to take your English course in England, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Malta.

Learn English in England

Learn English where the language was born! Experience a land of history, beautiful landscapes and incredible variety. London is the obvious choice, and certainly tends to be our most popular English location. However, there are plenty of other wonderful alternatives!

World renowned centres of learning Oxford and Cambridge are both spectacular cities, with stunning architecture, and are of great importance in terms of English history and culture.

We also have some great seaside locations! Brighton is famous as a seaside resort, and offers fantastic shopping and attractions.

If you are interested in British culture, and particularly in the music, why not take a course in Liverpool, or Manchester? These northern cities are famous throughout the world for their musical and sporting heritage, and are also fantastic for those who enjoy shopping!

Whatever your interests, we will have a location that suits you. Contact us for expert advice and information on all of our English language locations in England.

No matter which school you choose, your teachers will implement communicative methods and emphasise the importance of speaking English. Additionally, activity programs are organised for your free time, helping you to make friends and make the most of your time in England.

Learn English in Ireland

Just across the Irish Sea from England lies Ireland, a wonderfully unspoilt country, with a unique and charming character. You can learn English in Dublin, the vibrant capital, where the school offers a packed activity program to accompany your English lessons.

Learn English in Scotland

Visit a region of historic landmarks, world-famous festivals, strikingly stunning scenery and fine food and drink! Scotland is a truly magical place, where you can learn English at our school in Edinburgh, the romantic capital in a striking setting, surrounded by magnificent architecture! The school offers a wide range of English courses to meet all needs and preferences and an exciting program of cultural activities.

Learn English in the USA

Open up a world of opportunities with an English course in the USA! From Niagara Falls to glitzy Las Vegas, Yosemite to charismatic New Orleans, the USA is home to a mind-boggling selection of sights. On the east coast, we offer English courses in Boston and New York. Alternatively, you can learn English in Los Angeles or San Francisco, on the other side of this vast country.

Learn English in Canada

To the north of the USA awaits the equally dynamic, equally breathtaking country of Canada. We have English language schools in cosmopolitan Toronto, stylish Montreal and the stunning city of Vancouver. Each school offers first class English lessons and an exciting program of cultural activities. Please click on the relevant link for further details about any of these schools.

Learn English in Malta

Study English on the sunny Mediterranean islands of Malta! Here you’ll find blissful beaches, a fascinating history and friendly locals. Two of our English schools are on the main island, in the lively resorts of Sliema and St. Julian’s, whilst our third school is on the more traditional island of Gozo.

Learn English in South Africa

Whether you go on safari, tour vineyards or sample first-class surf, you’ll always find something new and exciting to do in South Africa! We offer you the chance to learn English in Cape Town, which boasts a dramatic setting, amazing nightlife and stunning beaches.

Learn English in Australia

Enjoy a real adventure with an English course in Australia! Soak up the sun and world famous sights in Sydney or get some culture in Brisbane. Whichever school you opt for, you’re guaranteed top quality tuition and a packed program of extra-curricular activities.

English language courses

  • Semi-Intensive (15 lessons per week)
  • Intensive (20 lessons per week)
  • Super-Intensive (25+ lessons per week)
  • Intensive + Private lessons
  • Private lessons
  • Mini-group (reduced class size)
  • Evening courses
  • Exam Preparation
  • Club 50+
  • Work Experience
  • Business and Professional
  • Courses for Teachers
  • Language + Dance/Music
  • Language + Water sports
  • Language + Cookery/Wine
  • Language + Football
  • Language + Culture
  • Language + Surfing
  • Language + Tennis
  • Language + Yoga
  • Language + Excursions
  • Family Course


  • Guest House
  • Host Family
  • Hotel
  • On-site Residence
  • Shared Apartments
  • Student Residence
  • Studio Apartments
  • Student House

For more information about any of our English schools, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll endeavour to find the school and course that’s perfect for you, using all our experience and expertise.

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