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Italian and Cookery Course in Sorrento, Italy

You only have to look at a dish from the Sorrento Peninsula to know that it’s going to taste good! Food in Sorrento is either fresh from the fields or the sea, and is full of flavour! Whilst you’re there, try some of the desserts Sorrento is famous for, such as almond cake, profiteroles or lemon cake! On the cookery course, you’ll learn how to cook some of the most typical dishes. If you’re lucky, you may see one of Sorrento’s many food festivals during your course, such as the Grape festival in October!

Italian and Cookery Course in Sorrento

Your cookery lessons will take place in the local cookery school. To give you the most authentic experience possible, your pizza lesson takes place in a pizzeria! The course includes 20 Italian lessons + 3 cookery lessons/week. 2 excursions and host family, single room accommodation are also included in the cost of your course.


Ever fancied making pizza in a pizzeria? Ever wondered how authentic lasagne is made? Then this is the course for you! Please note you’ll need intermediate level Italian or above.

Sample program in Sorrento

Language level required Intermediate and above
Duration 1-36 weeks
Number of Italian lessons/week 20
Number of cookery lessons/week 3 afternoon lessons/week
Accommodation Host family (single room)
Transfer available
Free Internet Access plus WiFi hotzones and mobile phone rental
Activities program
Optional Activities Excursions to Capri, Ischia, Naples and Pompeii.

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