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Discover an amazing country of contrasts in the Land of the Rising Sun! From frozen mountain peaks, to giant Buddhas, wild rain forests to towering skyscrapers, Japan is full of breathtaking sights. It is also home to a fascinating history and a truly unique culture. Enjoy traditional art-forms such as kabuki theatre, origami and sumo, as well as more modern passions like baseball, shopping and partying! No matter how long your Japanese course in Japan lasts, you’ll never be able to experience everything that this wonderful country has to offer!

The capital, Tokyo, is an eclectic place, a little like being on a different planet according to many western visitors! The metropolis is voted one of the world´s top cities and is a wonder to the eyes, typified by bullet trains, bustling markets and row upon row of neon lights. At the same time, the iconic city also offers calm spaces and parks and many areas of natural beauty, as well as endless attractions, events and things to do in your free time!

We have two language schools in Japan: One is located in the centre of Tokyo and the other in the city of Fukuoko, home to Japan´s oldest Zen temple and located on the island of Kyushu, close to the Asian mainland.

Regardless which of these schools you opt for, both offer excellent Japanese courses and an open and welcoming learning atmosphere. All teachers are native, qualified Japanese-speakers and have many years of experience in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Our schools’ programmes run at a variety of levels and you can start your course on any Monday of the year, whether you are a complete beginner of Japanese or not. The schools both specialise in teaching Japanese for communicative purposes, enabling students to build their confidence and skills for real-life situations.

Standard Japanese Course

This is usually the most popular choice amongst our students, allowing you to learn Japanese in small groups of maximum 7 students per group, together with a mixture of people from around the world! There are 20 classes per week focussing on grammar and conversation and using a wide variety of modern language learning methods and activities. During the classes you will communicate in Japanese and gain the skills necessary for everyday use of the language.

Private Lessons

For the total undivided attention of teachers, opt for one-to-one Japanese lessons. Private Lessons allow you to dictate every aspect of the programme, from course content to hours of study each week. Tailor your Japanese course in Japan to suit your own needs!

Specialist Japanese Courses

A variety of specialist courses are available at our Japanese schools, such as Language and Traditional Japanese culture, or Language and Japanese pop culture! Visit our location pages for Tokyo and for Fukuoko for further details on these courses!

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