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English language courses in Malta!

Malta is an archipelago located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and is a fantastic location in which to learn English! Its climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Malta was a British colony for over 160 years and English is one of the country’s official languages. In fact, 88% of the population speak English! Malta’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and mild winters and, being surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean, is fantastic for those who enjoy water sports! There is also plenty of history to discover as Malta has 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most famous of which being its Megalithic Temples, which are the oldest freestanding structures on earth! As well as all this, the Maltese people are famed for their friendliness and you are sure to find many locals who will be happy to talk to you in English about their country and their culture!

Our English language schools in Malta are located on the country’s two main islands, Malta and Gozo. We have schools in Victoria (Gozo), Sliema and St Julians Bay (Malta). All of these schools offer a wide range of English language courses taught by highly qualified native English speakers, who are highly experienced in teaching English as a foreign language to international students of all levels, from complete beginner to advanced.

English language courses in Malta

All our schools in Malta offer group courses, mini-group courses and Business English courses, as well as English and Diving courses. Our schools in Gozo and St Julian’s Bay also offer private courses, Cambridge exam preparation courses, a course for families who wish to study English together and an English in the teacher’s home course. Our school in Sliema also offers combined courses of group and one-to-one tuition, IELTS exam preparation course and an English and Sailing course.


All our schools in Malta offer English speaking host family accommodation. If you would like to give yourself as much opportunity as possible to speak English during your time in Malta then we would certainly recommend this accommodation option. We also offer hotel accommodation in Gozo and St Julian’s Bay, guesthouse and private apartment accommodation in Gozo, shared apartment accommodation in Sliema and student residence accommodation in St Julian’s Bay.

Star Points

  • Beautiful, historic Mediterranean location which is ideal for water sports and other outdoor activities
  • Very friendly locals
  • English an official language of Malta
  • Wide range of English language courses
  • Excellent choice of accommodation options

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