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Learn German in Munich – Historic Centre

Munich is a fascinating city in which to study German. Students at our German language school in Munich learn German in the historic centre of the city, where our school is located.

This is a wonderful location in which to learn to speak German, totally immersing yourself in German culture and the German language. The famous ‘Oktoberfest’ ‘Christmas Market’, regular pop and jazz festivals are just some of the many cultural events for which the city is famous. With so much to offer, Munich genuinely has something for everyone.

Our school in Munich

Our German language school is located right in the very centre of Munich just 150 metres from the pedestrianised area. There are 10 classrooms, a common room, a cafeteria and library, plus a student Internet café. As the school is located in the historic centre of Munich, many places of interest are just a short walk from the school. Students can stay in self-catering apartments, German host families, or else in private studio apartments.

The self-catering apartments are shared with other international students from our school in Munich, or else with German students, studying in Munich.


  • Standard German Course (20 lessons/wk)
  • Intensive Course (25 lessons/wk)
  • Combined Course (20 group lessons/wk 5 one-to-one)
  • Long Term Intensive German Course (25 lessons/wk)
  • Exam Preparation Course (20 group lns + 10 mini-group/wk) – (ZDAF, ZMP, DSH + ZOP exam)
  • Learning German through Work Placement (25 lessons/wk)
  • German Pronunciation Course (3/6 lessons/wk)


  • German host families
  • self-catering shared student apartments
  • studio apartments

Cultural Program

Our Munich (Historic Centre) school not only offers high quality German language courses, but also provides an optional cultural programme, consisting of a minimum of 3 afternoon activities/week, plus full-day excursions to fascinating nearby towns and historic locations. The activities include guided sightseeing tours of Munich, a BMW factory visit, German films and parties at the school, beer garden trips and ‘international evenings’. The full day excursions are to such locations as the Neuschwanstein Castle, Augsburg, Dachau, to festivals and of course to the famous ‘Oktoberfest’.

This cultural program helps students studying at our school in Munich to practise out of class the German language that they learn on their German course at the school, so that they learn as much German as possible in the time available to them. The activities and excursions also ensure that students not only enjoy their time in Munich and learn to speak the German language, but also come to a deeper understanding of the German people and of the way of life in Germany.

Learning German at our school in Munich, Germany, studying German whilst mixing with and living with Germans, means that students have much more opportunity to speak German. Learning German in Germany is, for most people, by far the most effective method. If you want to learn to speak a language, then studying it in the country in which it is spoken, is a much faster and also more enjoyable way than trying to learn the language in your own country. We will help you learn the language and enjoy the experience!

Star Points

  • high quality German courses, in the historic centre of Munich
  • excellent activities programme: film shows, guided visits, cultural events, excursions, parties
  • well-equipped school, with excellent facilities
  • Work Placement arranged in local companies
  • exceptionally welcoming, supportive staff in the school

How to get there

Fly to Munich. Airport transfer available

Location of our school

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