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Learn Portuguese in São Paulo, Brazil!

Learn Portuguese in São Paulo – the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world! São Paulo is home to more than 17 million people, with immigrants from all over the world making the city a rich tapestry of different cultures. In amongst the city’s sea of skyscrapers hide Japanese markets, Middle Eastern restaurants, colonial churches and everything in between!

This is a metropolis where the cuisine is unimaginably varied, the nightlife non-stop and the cultural scene thriving. The Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and the Theatro Municipal are two of the city’s finest cultural attractions and are well worth a visit. A Portuguese course in São Paulo will present you with an untold number of things to see and do – the only question is where to start!

Our Portuguese language school in São Paulo, Brazil

Your base in São Paulo will be the upscale neighbourhood of Jardins, just outside the very heart of the city. After your Portuguese lessons, you can explore the countless shops, cafés and bars around you, or unwind in nearby Ibirapuera Park. The school itself has spacious classrooms, wireless Internet access, a student lounge and a computer room with a free Internet connection.

Your Portuguese course in São Paulo

The most popular learning program at our São Paulo school is the Standard course, which offers 20 Portuguese lessons each week, all in same-level groups. For a faster pace of learning, choose the Intensive course of 30 classes a week, also in groups. The Standard course gives you plenty of free time to explore São Paulo and Brazil, whilst the Intensive course is ideal if you want to learn lots of Portuguese in a limited period of time.

Private Portuguese Lessons are the quickest way to develop your knowledge of the language. They allow our school’s highly qualified, experienced teachers to devote all of their time to improving your Portuguese, focusing on areas of the language you have the most trouble with.

A very effective way to learn the language is to perform Volunteer Work in Brazil, which our school can organise for you. Practice your Portuguese with native speakers, get to know local people and give something back to the community!

If you have any questions about how you can learn Portuguese in São Paulo, please feel free to contact us.

Accommodation in São Paulo

Live with the locals to truly experience the Brazilian way of life! Host family accommodation allows you to supplement your Portuguese course in São Paulo with continued learning away from the classroom. Each conversation you have with your friendly hosts will help you to better understand the language.

Our school takes great care when selecting host families and regularly checks the quality of their accommodation. Your family will prepare two meals per day for you, saving you the hassle of cooking and introducing you to delicious local dishes.

Cultural activities

Experience the best of São Paulo and beyond with exciting activities organised by our school. Regular activities include beach trips, meals out with classmates, evenings at the theatre, trips to see football matches and city tours, to name but a few! Some activities are free, whilst others carry an extra charge.

How to get to São Paulo

São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport is a destination for airlines from all over the world. Our school offers one-way and two-way transfers from the airport at an additional cost.

Star Points

  • São Paulo is one the most exciting and diverse cities on the planet!
  • The city has an amazing cultural scene and fantastic nightlife
  • Centrally-located school in affluent Jardins area
  • Volunteer Work available
  • Great activities program on offer

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