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With well over 400 million native Spanish speakers worldwide there are plenty of reasons to learn Spanish! Firstly, it will allow you to speak to people from all over the world, including not just Spain, but throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and even in parts of the Asia-Pacific region! Secondly, it will make travelling to these places, many of which are unquestionably beautiful and benefit from fantastic weather, much easier.

Finally, it will allow you to delve deeper into the incredibly vibrant culture of Spanish-speaking countries, which all seem to share the common trait of celebrating life to its fullest, be it during Spanish fiestas such as the boisterous Las Fallas in Valencia, dancing the tango in Buenos Aires, or enjoying Son music in a Havana bar. Whatever your motivation for wanting to learn, we will have a Spanish course for you!

We have Spanish language schools in Spain and Latin America, located in the most prominent Spanish speaking countries, and we know them all extremely well. We select the schools that we work with very carefully, to ensure that we are offering the highest quality Spanish courses at the best schools in each location.

At each one of our partner schools you will find small class sizes, modern teaching techniques, professional student care, and the very best teachers. All our teachers are native Spanish-speakers, who have a university degree and a qualification in teaching Spanish as a foreign language to international students of all levels.

In addition to your Spanish lessons, you will have the opportunity to take part in the extensive cultural activities programme offered by our Spanish language schools in Spain and Latin America. The activities offered vary from school to school, although examples of typical activities arranged include visits to museums, Spanish–language film screenings, and excursions to local places of interest. All activities are optional, and whilst some may be included in the course price, others may incur a small charge, payable directly to the school (usually for things like entrance fees, transport etc.).

Spanish courses in Spain

We have schools in most of the major cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Malaga, to name but a few! We also have schools in smaller, more relaxed locations, such as Nerja and Vejer de la Frontera. Of course, one thing that Spain is famous for is its climate, but for guaranteed year-round sun, why not try one of our schools in Lanzarote or Tenerife?

Spanish courses in Latin America

The best thing about our locations in Latin America is the sheer diversity. Whether you want to learn Spanish in the Caribbean or in the Andes, we have a school to suit you! Studying Spanish in Latin America will help you to appreciate the global reach of the language and its significance on the world stage.

Although there may be slight differences in the accent and in some cases vocabulary, whichever location you choose to learn Spanish, you will be taught Castilian Spanish in all of our schools, which is the internationally recognised standard that will allow you to converse with all Spanish-speakers throughout the world. Where there are differences to the Spanish you may hear out and about, our colleagues will point these out to you, thereby enriching your experience of the language.

Our Spanish courses

  • Semi-Intensive (10-15 lessons per week)
  • Intensive (20 lessons per week)
  • Super-Intensive (25+ lessons per week)
  • Intensive + Private
  • Private Lessons
  • Mini-Group (reduced class size)
  • Evening courses
  • A-level/GCSE Revision
  • Courses for Young Students (aged 8-18 years)
  • Exam Preparation
  • Club 50+
  • Volunteer Work
  • Work Experience
  • Lessons in Teacher’s Home
  • Business and Professional
  • Courses for Teachers
  • Spanish for Medicine
  • Family Course
  • Weekend Course
  • Spanish + Activities (e.g. cookery/wine, dance/music, culture, conversation, water sports, winter sports, golf, tennis, adventure sports, horse-riding, yoga, hiking, art, translation, IT skills, excursions, carnival)

Most students just wish to improve their overall level of Spanish and so our group courses (such as the ‘Semi-Intensive’, ‘Intensive’ or ‘Super-Intensive’ courses are usually our most popular). You will only ever be placed in a group with students of a similar level, which for most will be gauged by a level test on arrival at the school (of course, beginners are not subject to this).

Students who need to spend their time in Spain focusing on something in particular may prefer a course of private lessons, as these are generally a very flexible option. Private lessons can be taken alone or in conjunction with group lessons.

We also offer a range of ‘special interest’ courses, such as ‘Spanish + Dance’, ‘Spanish + Watersports’ and ‘Spanish + Cookery/Wine’.

For students who require Spanish for work, we also offer specialist courses concentrating on the language required for certain fields, such as business and medicine.

Our ‘Exam Preparation’ courses will get you ready for your exam by concentrating on both improving your overall level and the skills required to pass the exam. We have options available for students studying for the DELE exam, as well as those preparing themselves for GCSE, A-level, Irish Leaving Certificate and International Baccalaureate exams.

For our slightly younger students (i.e. those aged 18 years and under) we offer ‘Courses for Young Students’ which combine Spanish lessons with a range of activities and a high level of supervision.
For our more mature students (i.e. those aged 50 years and over) we offer ‘Club 50+’ courses, which also combine Spanish lessons with a range of cultural activities.


  • Host Family
  • Hotel
  • On-Site Residence
  • On-Site Shared Apartment
  • Student Residence
  • Studio Apartment
  • Cabana

Whichever accommodation you choose, you can be sure that it has been very carefully selected by our colleagues at the school. Which you choose is completely up to you and your personal preferences. Of course, to complete the total immersion experience, it is advisable to stay with a host family as this will give you the most opportunity to practice speaking Spanish on an everyday basis with native speakers. You will have your own bedroom and will share the bathroom and general living area with your hosts. Please note that, generally, you will not be able to use the kitchen to prepare your own meals.

Both student residence and shared apartment accommodation are generally comfortable but basic and so are recommended mainly for students in their twenties. Often these options are self-catering, although this can vary depending on the location. Normally, you will have your own bedroom and will share the kitchen, bathroom and general living area with other students.

The most private, independent option is a studio apartment and so this does tend to be the most expensive option. In this type of accommodation, you will have your own bathroom and kitchenette.

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