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Peter Carvell

Professional qualifications:

The University of Nottingham, BEng Manufacturing Engineering and Management

Languages spoken:

English, basic German

Locations visited:

Barcelona, Chamonix, Florence, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Paris, Pisa, Rome, San Giovanni, Siena and Venice.

Favourite places:

Too many to list! I really enjoy visiting my sister in Barcelona and my mother’s spectacular homeland of Norway. I can’t wait to get back to North America, but would also like to visit Latin America while I’m still young. Siena was an unexpectedly magical place. In October 2009 I will be spending 2 weeks travelling around Malaysia, Borneo and Thailand, so I am sure I will find my next favourite place soon!

General interests:

I play national league volleyball and football with work colleagues. I love good food and wine, going to the cinema, visiting new places, meeting new people and generally enjoying life!

Personal Statement:

I spent a year working in an English language school in Toronto and got to meet hundreds of people who came to the city to learn English and live their life for 2 weeks up to 1 year in another country. Having a better view of the world and learning from other nationalities about their culture, traditions, life experiences and motivations is incredibly important in this globalised society, and life changing for anyone who has not had the privilege of doing so before. There is no better way to learn a language than immersing yourself amongst the natives and sharing your experiences with fascinating people from all around the world.

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