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Japanese language courses in Tokyo

Japan´s capital city is the most populated metropolis of the world and indeed one of the most exciting and intriguing places in the world in which to study. In Tokyo there is a rendezvous of the old and the new, the past and the future, chaos and peace, as parts of the city leave your head spinning, whilst other areas are green and peaceful!

Tokyo offers an unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, music, art, leisure activities, sports and dining. The city is seemingly still growing and it is perhaps this changing, on all levels, which attracts people from all over the world. At the same time, the Japanese are proud to have one of the oldest histories in the world and so you can encounter the ancient and the futuristic in the same city. Choose a Japanese language course with us in Tokyo to have the chance to get to know this incredible metropolis personally.

Our school in Tokyo, Japan

The school is situated downtown; just a few minutes’ walk from the famous train station Shinjuku. The closeness to this transport hub means that students studying at the school are conveniently located to be able to explore the city.

The school building offers a welcoming, relaxing and peaceful place to learn Japanese, despite being so close to the world´s busiest train station! With the small class sizes, of maximum 7 per class, the highly trained and enthusiastic teachers and the excellent quality of courses on offer, you will receive an exceptional and personal service during your Japanese course and a very rewarding and fascinating time in Tokyo city.

Your course in Tokyo

The classes are structured to give students essential Japanese in a way that they can remember it and be able to use it themselves. Many learning activities involve real-life situations, guest speakers, excursions into Tokyo and more. Classes are designed to be interesting and engaging.
You can choose a group Intensive course of 20 lessons per week and you can start on any Monday of the year, for as many weeks as you wish.

Our school also offers several ‘plus’ courses, such as Japanese with Conversation (25 lessons per week), Japanese with Traditional Culture or Japanese with Pop Culture (23 lessons per week).

Students who prefer individual Japanese classes can book a course of private tuition, totally catered to their own needs and requirements. Alternatively, a few private classes can be booked per week, in addition to the intensive group course.

Accommodation in Tokyo

Our school in Tokyo offers host family, student residence or private studio accommodation. Staying with a Japanese host family will offer you a ‘home away from home’ in a welcoming environment, where you will have the chance to practise the Japanese that you have learned in class. If you would prefer to share your accommodation with other international students, then staying in the student residence is the best option.

Cultural activities

Weekly activities, visits and excursions are organised by the school staff in Tokyo to help you discover the city, to learn about the lifestyle in Japan and to give you the chance to practise your Japanese! There are tea ceremonies, city tours, trips to the Houjoya festival, culture classes in the school, calligraphy classes, Japanese film nights, karaoke nights and school parties. The school also arranges regular excursions to places of interest, festivals and local attractions.

How to get there

We would be happy to arrange an airport transfer for you in Tokyo, although this is not included in the course price.

Location of our school

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