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Learn French in Tours

The beautiful city of Tours is home to the purest French in France, so if you want to learn to speak French without an accent, then learn French in Tours! Tours lies just an hour south of Paris, in the beautiful Loire Valley, an area of such cultural significance that many of its famous chateaux, such as Chambord and Chenonceau, are UNESCO protected.

Our French school in Tours occupies an entire historic chateau of its own, in the centre of the city, so you’ll really get a feel for how the nobility of France once lived! Although a historic city, Tours is also a lively city, and with 30,000 students studying there every year, you’ll find plenty of trendy bars, shops, clubs and restaurants. Tours is also a gourmet’s paradise, and the windows of the pâtisseries (cake shops) and charcuteries (delicatessens) are a feast for the eyes!

Our school in Tours

Our school in Tours is exceptionally well equipped, with 35 classrooms, media resource centre and a library with a wide range of books, magazines and newspapers. There’s also free Internet access, and wireless Internet connection throughout the school – you can even take your laptop out into the school courtyard, and e-mail your friends and family from there!

Your French course in Tours

Our French school in Tours offers a wide range of French courses, to suit all interests and paces of study. Whether you want to really improve your French on an Intensive French Course of 20 lessons/week, or you want to study in the evenings on our Evening Course (4 lessons/week), we’ve got the right course for you! All our school’s teachers are university graduates, and are fully qualified and experienced specialists in teaching French as a foreign language. What’s more, every course at our school allows you to prepare for the internationally recognised DELF, DALF and TCF exams, as our school is an approved examination centre.

  • Intensive Course (20 lessons/week)
  • Long Term Course (20 lessons/week)
  • Three-week Course (20 lessons/week)
  • Business French Course (4 lessons/week)
  • Evening Course (4 lessons/week)
  • French Civilisation Course (25 lessons/week)
  • Training Course for French Teachers (22 lessons/week)

Accommodation in Tours

For total immersion in the French language, we’d recommend staying with a host family. Our school’s host families are carefully selected, and are used to welcoming students from all over the world. You can stay in a single room, or share with another student from our school. There are also a number of host family plus rooms, with superior facilities. If you like, you can book a room in a host family on a self-catering basis, eating out for every meal, or choose to have half board (2 meals/day). If you stay in our school’s student residence (available from July to September), just opposite our school, you’ll have the opportunity to mix with both French and international students. There is a private bathroom in every room. Or, if you want complete independence, stay in a studio apartment. Whatever accommodation option you choose, whether it’s host family, residence or studio apartment, make sure you go out to dinner at least once during your course – Tours is a city of good living, and of good eating and fine wines!

  • Host Family
  • Residence
  • Studio Apartment
  • Youth Hostel
  • Hotel

Cultural Activities

If you’ve only got a limited time to spend on a French course in Tours, it’s well worth doing some research before you leave – the Loire Valley is so full of things to do and see, that it can be difficult to know what to visit first! A good place to start is our school’s cultural activities program, which includes guided tours of the city, plus theatre and French song workshops to give you a feel for the culture of the region. Our school also offers optional excursions (two/month in summer, one/month in winter) to the chateaux of the Loire Valley, the world famous Mont St Michel Monastery, and to the cities of Chartres, Paris and La Rochelle!

Star Points

  • Tours is home to the purest French in France
  • Our school occupies an entire historic chateau
  • Exceptionally well equipped school with 35 classrooms
  • Free Internet access plus wireless Internet connection

How to get there

Fly to Tours Airport and take the shuttle bus to the city centre. Or, fly to Paris and take the high-speed TGV train to Tours St-Pierre-des-Corps Station. If you have booked host family accommodation, your host family can meet you at Tours Airport or Tours Railway Station.

Location of our school

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