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Learn Spanish in Uruguay

More and more people choose to learn Spanish in Uruguay, one of the friendliest, safest and most beautiful Spanish-speaking countries in the world!

Uruguay is famed for the quality of its beaches, with thousands of tourists holidaying in resorts like Punta del Este every year. This charming country remains largely undiscovered by mass tourism though, and has managed to preserve its rich culture and wonderful natural sights.

Witness the awesome power of geysers in north-western Uruguay, see gauchos (cowboys) at work or walk the historical streets of Colonia del Sacramento.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Many different peoples have left their mark on Uruguay over the years. The capital, Montevideo, has a particularly eclectic mix of European influences. Here you can explore opulent palaces, wander through vibrant marketplaces or laze on flawless beaches. Along with Buenos Aires, Montevideo is the birthplace of Tango. The capital has many bars and clubs where you can practice your Tango moves, as well as your Spanish!

Our Spanish language school in Montevideo, Uruguay

A pleasant, residential area of Montevideo called Pocitos is home to our school. Just minutes away you’ll find spectacular beaches and the excitement of downtown Montevideo. Close by our school are all the amenities you could want, including shopping centres, parks, restaurants and sports clubs.

The school itself has 17 classrooms, Internet access, a DVD / video room and library. Classrooms are bright and spacious, providing the ideal environment for your Spanish course in Uruguay!
Spanish courses in Uruguay

No matter what you require from your Spanish course, our Montevideo school will have a program that’s just right for you! If you’d like lots of free time to explore the country whilst you learn Spanish in Uruguay, our school’s Standard Course is ideal! It consists of 15 Spanish lessons each week, whereas the Intensive, Super-intensive and Super-intensive Plus courses give you 20, 25 or 30 Spanish sessions per week.

Our school’s Private Lessons are equally flexible. You can take either 20, 25 or 30 hours of one-to-one Spanish classes per week. Each lesson will focus on the specific areas of Spanish that are of most use to you.

Need to learn Spanish for work? Then why not take a course in Business Spanish? For 20 lessons each week, you will develop your ability to use to Spanish in business situations. If teaching is your work, our school’s Spanish for Teachers course will enable you to teach Spanish-speaking students more effectively!

Discover local passions with a course in Spanish and Tango, or one in Spanish and Cookery. Our Montevideo school’s Spanish and Tango course features professional Tango classes and 20 Spanish lessons each week. A cultural program is also included, taking you to Buenos Aires, amongst other places. Or take the Spanish and Cookery course to enjoy top-class culinary lessons alongside your Spanish course in Uruguay.

Accommodation in Uruguay

Become immersed in Uruguayan culture, as well as the Spanish language, by staying with a local family in Montevideo. Your host family, carefully selected by our school, will welcome you into their home and provide you with two or three meals each day (depending on your preference). All of our school’s host families live in the prosperous Pocitos district, within walking distance of both the school and some incredible beaches.

You can also choose to live in apartment or hotel accommodation, organised by our school. Facilities include air-conditioning, kitchenettes, TVs, telephones and safety deposit boxes. Some of the hotels even have jacuzzis, saunas, gyms and bars. Share an apartment or hotel with a fellow student, or enjoy your own private space.

Our school can also arrange accommodation for you in a youth hostel, which represents a more inexpensive option.

Cultural Activity Program

You’ll have a great time whilst you learn Spanish in Uruguay, with an extensive activities program on offer at our Montevideo school. To introduce you to this wonderful city, as well as to your fellow students, there will be a welcome party, a tour of Montevideo and guided walks. Tango and Salsa lessons, wine tasting and dinners at traditional restaurants are other typical activities.

Full-day excursions are organised for the weekends. You might be soaking up some sun on the stunning beaches of Punta del Este, or exploring the Spanish-era city of Colonia del Sacramento.
How to get to our school in Montevideo, Uruguay

Transfers from Montevideo Airport are available through our school, at a reasonable price.

Star Points

  • Uruguay is an extremely beautiful country
  • Montevideo has excellent beaches and is full of history
  • Our school is in an attractive area, close to beaches
  • Courses available at a range of intensities
  • Great activities program on offer

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