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Learn Italian in Venice

Even if you expect Venice to be beautiful, the beauty and charm or this magical city will surpass your expectations. A multitude of small canals divide the city into numerous fascinating districts, each with its own bars, restaurants, shops, churches and small piazzas.

This city is at the same time bustling, vibrant, peaceful, charming, exhilarating, romantic and mystical. You really have to experience Venice. No description can do it justice.

Our School in Venice

Our school, located in a renovated 18th century palace, lies in the heart of the city, just a short walk from the famous Rialto Bridge. There are 10 classrooms, and a beautiful terrace, with views over the city.

As our Italian language school in Venice is located in the very centre of the city, it is easy to walk to many places of interest from the school, such as to the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge or St. Mark’s Square. Students can stay in shared self-catering apartments, in private studio apartments, or else can share an apartment with an Italian host. Most of the accommodation is within walking distance of the school.

All accommodation is within Venice itself, or else on the lido. If you are interested in learning as much Italian as possible, we would recommend that you choose to share an apartment with an Italian host. All the ‘Italian hosts’ are carefully selected and sharing an apartment with an Italian, in Italy, is the best way to learn to speak Italian!

Cultural program

Our Italian school in Venice not only offers high quality Italian language courses in Italy, but also provides an optional cultural programme, consisting of a minimum of 2 afternoon activities/week, plus full-day excursions to fascinating nearby towns and historic locations. The activities include a guided walking tour of Venice, Italian film evenings in the school, welcome parties, wine tastings in a local bar and a bicycle excursion around the lido. The full day excursions are by train, to such locations as Padova, Treviso and Vicenza. This cultural program helps students studying

Italian at our school in Venice to practise out of class the Italian language that they are learning on their Italian course at the school, so that they learn as much Italian as possible in the time available to them. The activities and excursions also ensure that students not only enjoy their time in Venice and learn to speak the Italian language, but also come to a deeper understanding of Italian people and the way of life in Italy.

Learning Italian at our school in Venice, studying Italian in Italy, whilst mixing with and living with Italians, means that students have much more opportunity to speak Italian. Learning Italian in Italy is, for most people, by far the most effective method. If you want to learn to speak a language, then studying it in the country in which it is spoken, is a much faster and also more enjoyable way to study than trying to learn the language in your own country. We will help you learn the language and enjoy the experience!


  • Standard Italian Course (20 lessons/wk)
  • Super-Intensive Italian Course (20 lns/wk + 5 or 10 mini-group)
  • Art History (15 lessons/wk)
  • One-to-One Course (20 lessons/wk)
  • Evening Course (20 lessons/wk)


  • self-catering shared student apartments
  • living with an Italian host (self-catering)
  • private apartment
  • studio apartment

How to get there

Fly to Venice airport. Transfer available. Alternatively take the airport bus/water bus/taxi to Venice. Or, fly to Treviso/Verona Airport and take the bus/train to Venice.

Star Points

  • high quality Italian course in the heart of Venice
  • excellent range of cultural activities, guided visits and excursions
  • all accommodation on the island of Venice or on the ‘Lido’ sandspit, most within walking distance of the school
  • personal attention given to each and every student
  • exceptionally welcoming, supportive staff in the school

Location of our school

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T: 01509 221 199

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