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Learn German in Vienna, Austria

Students who choose to learn German in Austria benefit from the fact that the German spoken in Vienna is very similar to that of Southern Germany and often referred to as ‘Standard German’. The Austrian court dialect of old has been updated by a modern, multicultural and sometimes melodious version of the language, heavily influenced by the German spoken in Bavaria, yet widely understood and appreciated throughout the German speaking world. The benefit of attending a German course in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is that our school teaches a pure, correct German, sharing popular course materials with some of Germany’s most distinguished language schools.

The Beautiful City of Vienna

Vienna, considered by many to be the cultural capital of Europe, always comes within the top few cities of the world in surveys concerning quality of life, with its wonderful architecture and parks, excellent restaurants, shopping and nightlife. This, together with the fact that Vienna is well-known as a very safe city, combines to make Vienna an excellent choice for a German course – a place in which you will be totally immersed in German history and culture, a wonderful location in which to study the language. During your German course in Vienna, you will also have the opportunity to visit other European Cities such as Budapest, Prague, Munich and Salzburg. Our school in Vienna organizes an extensive cultural program of visits and excursions, details of which are given below.

Our German language school in Vienna

The first floor of an elegant, typically Vienesse building is home to our school in central Vienna. After your German lessons, witness the majesty of St. Stephen’s cathedral and the opulence of the Vienna State Opera, both within walking distance of the school. Or unwind with other students in the lounge area. Our school also has spacious classrooms, a multimedia library and free WI-FI Internet access throughout. All of the teachers are native German-speakers, with years of experience in teaching. With classes consisting of a maximum of 12 students, you’ll receive lots of personal attention from teachers, helping you to make rapid progress with your German!

German Course in Vienna

The maximum group size on German courses at our school in Vienna is 12 students on the Standard Course and just 8 students on the Intensive Course

Standard German Course
20 German lessons/week, plus 5 ‘cultural program lessons’ (see ‘Cultural Program’ below)

Intensive German Course
20 German lessons/week, plus 10 German lessons in ‘Mini-Group’ (max. 8 students/class) plus 5 ‘cultural program lessons’ (see ‘Cultural Program’ below)

Super-Intensive German Course
20 German lessons/week, plus 10 private German lessons/week, plus 5 ‘cultural program lessons’ (see ‘Cultural Program’ below). This course is ideal if you want to learn as much German as possible, in a short space of time.

Business German Course
20 German lessons/week, plus 10 German lessons in ‘Mini-Group’ (max. 8 students/class) plus 5 ‘cultural program lessons’ (see ‘Cultural Program’ below). The Business German course is perfect for those who wish to learn the German required in order to use the language for business purposes.

German and Work Experience
Students attend a preparatory German course in Vienna, at our school, for a minimum of 4 weeks, followed by work experience of at least 4 weeks in a hotel, travel agency, or ski school. Combining a German course in Vienna with a period of work experience is a very effective way to make quick progress in the language. Work experience of 4-8 weeks is unpaid. Work Experience of over 8 weeks may be paid. Please apply at least 8 weeks before arrival. We will send you a work placement form and arrange your German course in Vienna and work placement.

Accommodation in Vienna

Shared self-catering apartment
This is a good option if you want to meet Austrian students. The apartments have shared bathroom and cooking facilities. Most also have their on TV and washing machine.

Student residence
Sharing a self-catering apartment with other international students from our German language school in Vienna. You can have room only, bed and breakfast, or 2 meals day. The apartments each have satellite TV, free wireless Internet access, a shower and toilet. There is also a shared kitchen, though you need to provide your own utensils. Superior rooms are also available, complete with private kitchens and bathrooms.

Host Family
Families can be married or single people, with or without children. Host family accommodation is by far the best option if you want to be totally immersed in the German language, so as to learn as much German as possible during your time in Austria.

Cultural Program

5 ‘Cultural program’ lessons/week are included in the course fees. These ‘cultural lessons’ can be city walks to places of interest in Vienna, talks and videos on Austrian History, culture or Art, German language films in the school, discussions, a Viennese waltzing course, parties and social evenings in the school, to mention but a few! These activities not only give students extra practice in using the German language, plus an insight into Austrian culture and people, but also help ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your time in Vienna. There are also optional extra excursions to Budapest, Salzburg, Prague, nearby castles and lakes, as well as weekend skiing trips.

Star Points

    • high-quality German course in the centre of Vienna
    • very well equipped school, spacious classrooms
    • cultural program of visits/guided walks/talks included in course fees
    • extremely welcoming atmosphere in school
    • Excellent accommodation options

How to get to our school in Vienna, Austria

Most students attending courses at our German school in Vienna fly to Vienna. Our school can arrange for you to be met on arrival at Vienna Airport and taken to your accommodation.

Location of our school

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