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Get more out of your language course by adding a period of volunteer work! Totally immerse yourself in the language and culture, meet the locals, and give something back to the community! A period of volunteer work is not only a rewarding experience that will enrich your understanding of the language and culture, but could also make your CV stand out to future employers and universities!

We offer volunteer work as a complement to language courses in many Spanish and Portuguese locations throughout Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru, as well as in Spain and Portugal. We also offer Japanese and Volunteer Work programmes in Japan!

Whether you wish to take part in ecological projects (such as turtle conservation in Costa Rica), social projects (such as supporting vulnerable people in Mexico), or educational projects (such as teaching English as a foreign language in Argentina), we have a wide ranges of options available, so we are sure to be able to arrange a programme suitable for you!

You can choose to take part in volunteer work concurrently with your language course (depending on the location), or after your language course has finished. The duration does vary depending on the location and the programme, although there are options available for those who wish to volunteer for durations of 1 week to 36 weeks or more!

In many cases, you can stay in the accommodation in which you stayed during your language course, although some volunteer work projects do house students taking part in alternative accommodation, with other volunteers.

In terms of cost, this does vary depending on the location and the programme. However, as well as the linguistic benefits, personal development and satisfaction that a period of volunteer work offers, many students do choose to take part in volunteer work at the end of their course, as this allows them to stay in the country for a longer duration at a relatively low cost!

Anyone can take part in a volunteer work project, and the most important requirement is enthusiasm! You will, naturally, benefit more fully from your volunteer work if you already have a good level of the language, although we do offer programmes that are suitable for students with a more basic level. Of course, you can always choose to take a longer duration language course before starting your volunteer work placement, in order to reach a higher level of the language.

Examples of typical volunteer work projects:

Ecological Projects:

Samara Beach, Costa Rica
Assist with turtle conservation projects

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Work in national parks maintaining trails, orienting tourists, protecting wildlife, office work and conducting surveys

Fukuoka, Japan
Working on an organic farm

Cordoba, Argentina
Assisting at local animal shelters

Social Projects:

Lisbon, Portugal
Work with children, elderly people or in community centres

Cordoba, Argentina
Work with sick children and their families

Maceio, Brazil
Work in local orphanages

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Work in local homeless shelters

Educational Projects

Flamingo Beach, Monteverde and San Joaquin de Flores in Costa Rica
Teach English to locals in the school’s English department

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Take part in educational therapy for children living on the streets

Mexico City, Mexico
Help students from poorer areas of the city in their language studies

Sucre, Bolivia
Help in a nursery school

And many more!

As we do have such a wide range of projects, in many locations, we are sure to find a project suitable for you!

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